5 project management tips for new construction managers

Monica Gameng   |   March 10, 2016

Managing a construction site takes a lot of work and it could be overwhelming for someone who is fairly new to the industry. As a construction manager, you are responsible for managing a portfolio or projects, communicate effectively with operational teams, engage stakeholders, manage site managers, undertake quality management and assurance and most importantly, ensure the project is running on time and within budget. 

It can take years to learn how to manage a site or project seamlessly. To help you on your way, here are a few tips that you can follow to start managing your construction site like a seasoned veteran.

  1. Knowing industry codes, rules and laws

As a construction manager, you should already be familiar with all the industry rules, laws and codes. These regulations will help you avoid red tape situations which could hinder your project from finishing on time. Knowing your local labour laws and construction codes will ensure that your project plans do not violate rules, laws and codes. Keep in mind that industry regulations may vary from one state to the other, so make sure that you are updated with those in the state you are in.

  1. Create an effective schedule


Keeping a schedule is crucial to a construction project. It is well known that delayed work meand increased costs. While some delays are unavoidable, the key to an effective schedule is to have a tight timeframe on areas that you are most confident about – areas you know that have the least risks – and by having a loose timeframe around areas where problems are likely to arise. The extra time afforded to you by an effective schedule can be used for risk management when there is a need for it.


  1. Let subcontractors bid to work for you

Bidding subcontractors can give you a more accurate budget and timeframe for your project. You can just pick the best subby that fits your project’s set budget and timeframe, which makes scheduling more efficient and accurate.

  1. Keep an eye on the entire projectshutterstock_298571270_resize.jpg

It's important to stay constant. Closely monitoring your team and the project’s progress will minimise these risks. As a project manager, you are expected to take the lead and manage.

  1. Utilise modern technology

There is now a lot of project management software in the market that’s specifically catered for the construction industry. This software help managers keep track of all areas of the project such as budget and timeline, you just have to find the platform that best suits your need.

Effective construction teams are the result of strong management. If you're new to a construction management role, you might be looking for some extra tips about where to start. We've created a free downloadable eBook called '4 Tips for Managing Your Construction Team' to push you in the right direction.

Author's note: Information on this post was sourced from Techware

Monica Gameng
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