[Webinar] Spending too much time prequalifying vendors?

Felix   |   February 15, 2021

This Felix webinar is a must for anyone looking to streamline the vendor prequalification process for their organisation.

Vendor prequalification is a crucial process in third-party risk management. Yet the non-standardised process from one company to another, or even within one organisation, can create huge inefficiencies for all parties involved.

Date: March 3rd, 2021

Time: 10am Brisbane time (11am Sydney time)

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If you work in industries such as construction, mining, utilities, facilities management, subcontractors or non-employee workforce can account for as much as 50% of the labour costs in the supply chain, yet:
  • 90% rated visibility into their extended vendor network as moderate or very low*
  • There's an over-representation of labour hire workers in OHS incidents**
  • It can take weeks to build prequalification questions, months to evaluate vendor submissions, but only split seconds for an incident involving an unqualified vendor to happen

We need to do better than manual processes, Excel spreadsheets or even paper forms. We need to do better than making our vendors and suppliers jump through the same hoops multiple times.

Join us in this live webinar to learn how organisations can streamline the process while ensuring industry best practices with Vendor OptiqualTM

This webinar will cover:

  • Industry landscape and the identification of the problem 
  • What is PAS?
  • Introducing Vendor OptiqualTM 
  • Delivering the Vendor OptiqualTM solution to customers - what's involved?
  • Vendor OptiqualTM benefits 
  • Q&A from the audience

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*Deloitte 2020 Chief Procurement Officer Flash Survey

** ACCR: Labour Hire & Contracting Across the ASX100

Felix operates a cloud-based enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) and marketplace platform for the commercial construction and related industries. Felix connects Contractors and their third-party Vendors, automating and streamlining a range of critical procurement-related business processes.
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