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Monica Gameng   |   August 27, 2015

When you walk past a construction site, it's easy to wonder what different types of equipment is required for different types of projects. If you're not familiar with the different kinds of projects, or even the type of machinery used, it's difficult to keep track.

To help you out, we've listed the most common construction projects and the different categories of plant and equipment you could expect to see.

Road works


Road works encompass the maintenance or repair of roads and highways. There are three phases to road works, namely rough grading (or earthmoving), fine grading, and surfacing (which involves concrete, asphalt, gravel or any combination of the three). The following are some of the items needed for projects involving road works:

Infrastructure construction


Infrastructure construction includes commercial and residential buildings, bridges and other developments. This kind of construction has a longer process, thus the list of plant and equipment needed to finish this kind of project is longer. Infrastructure construction is divided into three main phases which are earthworks phase, concreting phase and the structural phase. Each of the three phases require different kinds of machines, which are listed below:

  1. Earthworks Phase: this involves digging to prepare the site where a building will be erected. The following are needed for this phase:
  2. Concreting Phase: this involves filling out what was excavated in the earthworks phase and is considered as the foundation of any building or structure. The following plant and equipment are needed for this phase:

  3. Structural Phase: this is the last phase in infrastructure construction and this involves erecting the base structure and beaming, and then the finishing of the structure which includes the involvement of builders, plasters, electricians, mechanical and plumbing, roofing and glaziers. These are the plant and equipment needed for this phase:

Those with decades in the construction industry will know equipment requirements like the back of their hand. However, if you're just starting out, it will take a bit of time to fully familiarise yourself with all the project types and relevant machinery.

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