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Driving social procurement

Learn from a real-world social procurement project and expert insights

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Operating globally, our procurement and vendor management platform is built for asset owners and general contractors
Manage risk

Drive internal and external compliance with third-party vendors.

Increase productivity

Smart automation to achieve outcomes quickly and efficiently.

Reduce costs

Minimise spend leakage through consistent process governance.

Why Felix?

Breaking down walls in traditionally siloed organisations, Felix connects projects, business units and your supply chain to deliver better procurement outcomes, faster.

Procurement schedules, tenders, evaluation and approval workflows are all connected in Felix.  It's time to make better procurement decisions with shared knowledge at your fingertips

Best-in-class vendor management underpins downstream procurement decisions.​ ​

Felix drives better vendor engagement without the administrative burden on your team. Your vendors maintain their own data in real-time through their own free portal. ​ ​

Leverage real-time vendor insights to drive informed decision-making throughout the procurement process and start making smarter decisions on every project.​

Get a clear line of sight on your entire supply chain for every project.

Felix helps you navigate the complex maze of key risk areas such as HSEQ, financial risks, compliance and ESG.

From the project coal-face to reporting at board level, Felix is your beacon to help you drive greater understanding of vendor risk to all areas of your business.

Felix helps you get on the front-foot of supply chain reporting and achieving your ESG targets by housing all your vendor information in one centralised procurement platform. From bidding to delivery, easily report on your supply chain ESG data for every project.

It’s time to gain visibility and automate your data gathering processes for supply chain ESG reporting, changing it from an administrative burden into a strategic point of difference.
Put time back in the calendar of stakeholders by automating traditionally labour-intensive procurement processes.
Eliminate the web of spreadsheets and emails through reliable and inuitive workflows tailored to your business.
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Modular enterprise solution

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Vendor Management

Seamlessly manage all tiers of your supply chain with risk-based prequalifications, vendor self-service compliance management portal, flexible segmentation, unique attribute tagging and performance evaluations.

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Procurement schedule module
Procurement Schedule

Streamline planning, execution and auditing of sourcing activities within a single tool, giving teams complete visibility and control over procurement activities across entire projects.

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Enable projects and teams to manage sourcing activities while remaining centrally documented in Felix. Tailor sourcing activities including rapid purchasing and comprehensive RFx processes from planning to award.

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Manage contracts in a cohesive manner through a robust repository, configurable contract summaries capturing key information, update history and formal variations. 

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"The more that Felix is used and the database is created, the better the system will operate. The Felix team was very good at tailoring the solution to meet our needs."
Peter Bolanis | Head of Procurement & Contracts — West Gate Tunnel Project
"With staged planning and open communication, the implementation of Felix was quick and painless. We had a dedicated implementation consultant that understood our requirements and worked with us throughout every step of the way."
Chris Eggleton | National Procurement Manager — Diona

Minimise your risk, maximise your relationships

Agile, flexible, trusted. Learn how Felix can bring smarter procurement processes to your business with a purpose-built solution.

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