7 signs that you're an engineer at heart

Gina Theron   |   March 16, 2016

Ever wonder what makes you an engineer? We've put together a list of 7 qualities that often define an engineer. 

1. You're not you without a caffeinated beverage


2. You take apart things that work perfectly just to make them better....



3. You're friends are always giving you their broken devices because you're an engineer - why pay for repairs if you have all the answers


4. If you haven't seen it as a 3D printed model, you're not interested


5. Everything you see turns into a physics, statics or an optimisation problem 


6. Efficiency is your speciality 


7. You believe nothing is built just for fun


For undergrad or new engineers who are just starting in the construction business, check out this tier barometer and learn the different types of companies and the type of projects they work on.

Gina Theron
Gina is a Marketing Coordinator at Felix. She is a business and engineering student, and relishes working for one of Australia's greatest mining and construction disrupters. Harsh critic of tomatoes and spiders that surprise her.

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