How MPC Earthmoving won over $600,000 in hire work

Gina Theron   |   March 29, 2016

A wide range of companies have found success with PlantMiner's platform, from earthmoving suppliers to site amenities teams. Although the company sizes vary, the services are different, and jobs can be both long term or a few days, there's one defining driver of their success: engagement. We'd like to showcase MPC Earthmoving who joined PlantMiner in 2014, and has become one of the most lauded users of our platform, helping them secure over $600,000 worth in hire work. 

About MPC Earthmoving 

Established in 2004, MPC Earthmoving Pty Ltd was founded by Lindsay Ausling, a reputable Tamworth business owner who identified a market need for an earthmoving company that is able to cater for all types of requests and within specific time frames. In the years since, MPC Earthmoving has become one of the most reliable and trusted earthmoving companies on the eastern seaboard of Australia. Now joined by Lindsay's son, Peter Ausling, their vision has helped deliver quality results for projects ranging from less than $1 million and up to $5 million. 

MPC Earthmoving operates in Queensland and New South Wales offering a range of items such as:


How MPC have found success with PlantMiner

At their core, MPC is a family-operated company who pride themselves on building and maintaining long term and lasting working relationships. This industry is built on customer relationships, there's no doubt about it. But the door has opened for suppliers to expand their networks by connecting with clients where they are increasingly heading to find equipment solutions, online. As Australia's largest construction marketplace, MPC saw PlantMiner as the natural next step to strengthen their business development efforts. 

Since partnering, MPC Earthmoving has won more than $600,000 in hire work through PlantMiner leads. 

How did they do it? MPC has been actively utilising the PlantMiner platform to ensure they are first to quote and, similar to their business model, they ensure they are quick to respond to any questions or request that may come through making all efforts to keep potential customers satisfied. MPC have a comprehensive and up-to-date PlantMiner profile, outlining their contact details, company description and a list of their available fleet. A well built, complete profile plays a large part in winning more work through PlantMiner, MPC have all the information listed to be matched with a high number or quality quote requests.

MPC are not only suppliers with PlantMiner, but are also hirers of plant and equipment from their fellow PM suppliers. Using PlantMiner to search for gear has allowed MPC to gain a thorough understanding of the ins-and-outs of the platform from both sides of a hire contract. 


Projects won through PlantMiner

Armidale Airport - FKG project 

FKG requested hire rates through PlantMiner for the Armidale airport project which was passed to suppliers, one being MPC Earthmoving. With MPC's quick response rate they submitted a quote that FKG approved, turning into an approximate $200,000 in work won for MPC.  

Narrabri Airport - FKG project

After FKG found MPC Earthmoving through PlantMiner and were pleased with the service they provided on the Armidale airport project, FKG shortlisted MPC for their Narrabri airport project. MPC Earthmoving was successful in winning the earthworks component of the project, securing them an approximate $400,000 in hire work.

MPC Earthmoving is located in New South Wales, however, with the help of PlantMiner they are able to stay informed on all major projects, allowing them to work in New South Wales, Queensland and New Zealand. The platform not only secures them work in the regions they've worked in for years but also allows them to branch out into other areas, establishing customer relationships both Nationally and Internationally.

 "PlantMiner is a great tool, it's easy to use and helps our business gain more exposure. Through using PlantMiner, we've been able to win both small and large projects as well as break into new markets which we previously didn't have the resources to do. This is a great system that we will continue to utilise into the future." - Peter Ausling, MPC Earthmoving Manager

MPC Earthmoving has found success with PlantMiner by using the platform to its full potential and ensuring they are first to respond when quote requests come through. Their strong commitment to providing the highest standard of quality within specified time frames has helped them establish a positive reputation within the construction industry. MPC's commitment to the development of relations with customers and their value for ongoing loyalty is a quality that has seen them win more work with past clients. Presenting their business in a professional manner and ensuring they outlined all their business' capabilities has increased their chances of winning work. If you'd like any tips for your own business capability statement - check out the free eBook below! 

business capability statement

Gina Theron
Gina is a Marketing Coordinator at Felix. She is a business and engineering student, and relishes working for one of Australia's greatest mining and construction disrupters. Harsh critic of tomatoes and spiders that surprise her.

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MPC Earthmoving boosts leads and revenue with PlantMiner

About MPC Earthmoving

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