2 hidden hacks and features every tenderer should know about appendices

Sophia Rostron   |   February 3, 2016
In the past few years, tendering for government contracts has become an ultra-monitored environment - and not just for tendering parties. The contracts awarded also have significant impacts on the State's economy, on the provision of jobs, and on the development of vital infrastructure and commercial, civic and residential assets for all citizens. With economic factors at play, awarding contracts has never been more contentious and every line of a tender is considered - even the appendices. 

Appendices are a great way to convey extra meaning and detail in your tender without cluttering the response forms. 

Whether you're an estimator for a tier one company looking to better showcase your company's capabilities, a small construction business owner wanting to take your tendering game to the next level, or an individual bidding for the first time, there are tips and features in here for you. 

Response to Specifications 

The information provided should clearly reference the exact specification noted in the tender documents. This is an opportunity for a supplier to really differentiate their offer and demonstrate why it offers value for money or a better supply proposition.


Company departure from specification

3.4.2 – Engine

Minimum requested = 190kW

Our offer will provide a truck with a 200kW Kamatsu XMJ70 engine. The 200kw engine will:

  • reduce fuel consumption by 25% compared to an equivalent 190kw engine

  • reduce maintenance costs by 20% over the life of the engine

  • run on 20% biodiesel, reducing carbon footprint by 5 tonnes/year

3.4.2 – Drinking water tank

60 Litre capacity, stainless steel

Our offer will provide a 70 Litre slim line drinking water tank.

The slim line tank takes up 15% less room and therefore allows more storage room in the truck tray.

3.4.2 – Trailer Brakes

Our offer will be fitted with Michelin Ceramic brakes.

The ceramic brakes have a higher safety rating that traditional stainless steel brakes.

Ceramic brakes only need to be replaced every 4 years instead of annually. This will reduce the maintenance costs by 38% based on current figures. (cost of ceramic brakes has reduced by 10% annually so it is anticipated that this saving will increase)

Subcontractor list

A list of subcontractors should involve the following information as a minimum:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Relevant experience and expertise in relation to the tender
  • Number of people employed, noting apprentices and trainees
  • Any employment, traineeship or apprenticeship opportunities as a result of successfully winning the tender

Local subcontractors should be listed at the top to demonstrate that your business is looking to support local business. If unsure, suppliers should list all subcontractors noting that these will be shortlisted once successful. The final list of the subcontractors must be conveyed to the buyer before commencing the work.

Suppliers must seek approval from the buyer if looking to change a subcontractor during the delivery period.

Company Name 


Contact Details 

Relevant Experience 

No. of Staff 

Timmy’s Tyre Time 

200 Steel Belt Road, Bridgestone, QLD, 4700 

Tim Smith - Managing Director 

Ph: 3333 3333 M: 0404 040 404 

Tyre retailer with fully qualified technicians who have a minimum of 4 years experience. 

10 full time tyre technicians 

3 apprentices (2- 4th years and 1- 1st year) 

Billy Bob’s Brakes 

100 Stopping Drive, Stopsville, QLD, 4300 

William Bob – Owner 

Ph: 5434 5434 M: 0411 110 011 

Brake manufacturer and distributor operating for over 10 years. 

6 qualified mechanics. 

Will employ 1 new apprentice if the tender is successful 

Mike’s Mechanical 

50 Fix It Lane, Repair Village, QLD 4100 

Mike Repair – Manager 

Ph: 3111 3111 M: 0410 117 711 

Mechanic and Auto Electrician. Operating for 13 years, specialising in government contracts for DEEDI, DPW and DET. 

5 fully qualified motor mechanics (all with 5+ years experience) 

3 apprentices. 

Will take on a new trainee if tender is successful. 

What other lesser-known tender features do you know about? Share with us in the comments. 

Author's Note: This information originally appeared in a Queensland Tendering Workshop conducted by the Department of Stage Development, Infrastructure and Planning.

Sophia Rostron
As the Content editor at Felix (formerly PlantMiner), Sophia works behind the scenes to keep our blog machine in motion. A student of Law and Business, she's very dependent on coffee and loves any excuse to travel.

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