ESG in capital and asset intensive operating environments

The days of box-ticking are numbered. Organisations need to deeply understand their supply network and prepare for legislative requirements. It’s time to get serious about ESG. And software can help.

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ESG capital asset intensive
Why care about ESG?

It’s better to stay ahead of the compliance curve and start implementing a socially responsible procurement framework.
esg mandates
More opportunities

Demonstrate to clients and shareholders you are meeting sustainability requirements from your supply chain.

stakeholder economy
Societal expectations

The stakeholder economy means meeting the expectations of a wider group, not just investors.

competitive advantage
Competitive advantage

By expanding your network, you can tap the potential of previously overlooked suppliers.

Using software solutions for ESG

  • Vendor onboarding
  • Sourcing
  • Reporting

Vendor onboarding

Capture the right vendor data

Build a centralised supplier database with an ESG specific questionnaire during the prequalification and requalification process. Store relevant documents (e.g. Reconciliation Action Plan, Modern Slavery statement) and tags for database segmentation.

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ESG vendor management-01



Act on sustainable procurement policies 

Easily identify vendors via filters and raise engagements to meet social procurement targets. For complex tenders, store documents capturing bidders’ commitment to ESG, then close the loop by evaluating subcontractor performance against set goals (e.g. diversity and inclusion). 

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ESG sourcing RFQ



Measure ESG performance  

Provide real-time reporting to clients and shareholders on your progress towards supply chain related ESG targets. Via APIs, you can export supplier data and perform deep analysis in your BI tools.

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contracts reporting


Are we keeping pace?

With ESG reporting mandates on the rise, challenges remain. Construction companies need to work with their supply chain and align targets.

43 %
Found it very challenging to source suitable vendors to meet CSR type targets.
(Building in The Dark 2022)
48 %
Explicitly identified ESG opportunities for their business.(PwC, 2021)
65 %
Did not have sufficient transparency over what happens away from the job site
(Building in The Dark, 2022)

Socially responsible procurement enabled 

Know your vendors so you can identify gaps to sustainability targets such as Indigenous owned, local content, apprenticeship, SME, gender diversity etc.  

Ensure relevant stakeholders can access comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date data on existing and new vendors.

  • Database segmentation with ESG filters
  • ESG questionnaires for suppliers
  • ESG contracts and engagement reporting
supplier diversity

ESG policies and procedures realised 

With increasing compliance needs, technology can facilitate corporate accountability, by “de-siloing” and increasing collaboration enterprise-wide. 

Strengthen your procurement governance to ensure integrity, mitigate risk and reduce fraud.

  • Role-based access permission
  • Customisable approval workflows
  • Audit trails
  • Secure data platform
esg construction

Put your ESG framework into practice

The right processes enabled by the right technology to achieve goals for both your clients, supply chain and investors.

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