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Billions at risk: Sleeping security threats lurking in your supply chain

Gavin Levinsohn from Eftsure, Australia’s leading fraud prevention software, shares awakening insights into data breaches, common financial control exploits, the rise of AI cyber-fraud, and how to protect your organisation.

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A discussion on ESG and technology in construction

The webinar delves into pressing industry challenges, exploring global trends in construction, technology adoption, and the evolving landscape of ESG considerations.

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product management webinar
Demystifying product management at Felix

Curious about how we drive innovation and manage our product offerings at Felix? Don't miss this opportunity to go behind the scenes and and see what it's like at the core of our operations.

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resources parent climate reporting webinar
Countdown to climate reporting: Are you ready for launch?

Watch this webinar where the lead researcher of a recent RSM report dissects the key findings and exclusive industry-specific insights. Walk away with actionable tips for your reporting journey.

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webinar-product-showcase-3-330x214 webinar
Evolving Felix A Product Showcase: Vol 3

Watch our third instalment of Evolving Felix. See what's new in our Vendor Management and Sourcing modules, and learn more about what’s coming next for Felix, including new APIs.

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mining quick wins ebook
Quick wins in mining’s back-office

Forget expensive new equipment – the real quick wins lie in optimising your back-office. Learn how tech for procurement and vendor management can cut costs, boost efficiency, and strengthen your ESG profile.

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vendor onboarding webinar webinar
Felix onboarding: A step-by-step walkthrough

In this on-demand webinar, see how vendors access their own Felix portal to be guided through a step-by-step application process, and how they can easily track the progress of their onboarding application.

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contract storage webinar
How smart contract storage begins with Felix

Discover how an effective contract repository can have you saying goodbye to contract chaos while easily managing overall contract health, and your vendor relationships.

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product showcase vol2 640x448 webinar
Evolving Felix A Product Showcase: Vol 2

Hear about our latest Felix integrations with third parties, what we've released and have planned in our journey to continually evolve Felix, and learn about our recently released customer-facing product roadmap.

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creditorwatch webinar banner 678x440 webinar
CreditorWatch Business Risk Index 2023 - Insolvency Risks in Construction

Watch our webinar with CEO of CreditorWatch, Patrick Coghlan, providing a forward-looking picture of insolvency risk exposure through the lens of the construction industry.

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procurement software buyers guide ebook
Procurement software buyer's guide: 2023 Edition

With so many procurement solutions to choose from, it can be overwhelming without a frame of reference. This buyer’s guide covers the three key questions to consider before "procuring" procurement software.

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skyscraper 678x440 ebook
Why a purpose-built vendor management system over ERP

Understand whether you should update your ERP or adopt a purpose-built vendor management system.

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Product Showcase Webinar Feb 2023 678x440 webinar
Evolving Felix – a Product Showcase webinar

Join us for our very first Product Showcase where our team recapped exciting releases from late 2022, as well as provided a sneak peek into what you can expect from Felix this year.

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esg requirements ebook ebook
State by state ESG targets and procurement requirements in Australia

Learn about various policies of note, including ESG-focused procurement targets across the states side-by-side.

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implementation thumb webinar
Tips for successful procurement tech implementation

About to implement a digital solution? Then don't miss this webinar, where we discuss all things implementation, different approaches and tips for success.

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why prequalification ebook
Why you should adopt standardised prequalification

Are you doing prequalification as effectively and efficiently as you could? What are the ways to take this critical process to this next level?

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ESG thumb no date webinar
ESG Risk, Strategy & Governance – What’s New?

In this webinar, our CEO Mike Davis talks to the guest speakers about existing as well as upcoming requirements to be aware of in terms of ESG compliance, reporting.

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construction-2578410_1920 ebook
Why vendor management matters

Sometimes it's essential to go back to basics and examine the external/internal forces affecting the way you engage with your supply chain.

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finance thumb wo date webinar
Fireside chat – Getting the finance house in order

In this 45-minute session, we sit down and chat with the experts about all things finance, risk and compliance relevant to the construction sector.

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lean construction website wo date webinar
Lean Construction - Why now is the time

In this webinar, find out what Lean Construction is, its benefits and why it’s becoming more relevant in the current business climate.

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esg lp pack ebook
ESG Starter Pack

With so many acronyms, standards, legislations and movements in the space, it's hard to keep up. This guide gives you some starting points for your ESG journey.

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building in the dark report ebook
Report: Building in The Dark

We all know how critical supply chains are to construction and infrastructure projects. What kind of risks exist within these supply chains and how aware are we of them?

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bitd infographic2 infographic
Infographic Building in The Dark

Haven't read Building in The Dark? Get a flavour of the report with this visual illustration highlighting key findings from each section.

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Building-in-the-dark-380x247 webinar
Report launch: Building in The Dark

In this 45-minute session, hear from Felix CEO Mike Davis and entwine's Leah Singer - our research partner, as we unveil the landmark report on third-party risks in construction and infrastructure.

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felix-procurement-schedule webinar
Product launch: Introducing Procurement Schedule

In this 45-minute on-demand webinar, find out all about our new module Procurement Schedule. Streamline planning, execution, reporting and auditing of sourcing activities in a single tool.

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stakeholder playbook ebook
Getting buy-in for procurement software: The Stakeholder Playbook

How do you convince others to share your vision about getting a procurement solution? Let's step into their shoes to convey the benefits in their language.

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optiqual email1 webinar
Introducing standardised prequalification: Vendor Optiqual®

In this 45-minute session, find out what standardised prequalification means, its benefits, and how Vendor Optiqual® can be implemented.

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public procurement webinar webinar
Creating Value Through Public Procurement

Leah Singer, author of the report Creating Value Through Procurement commissioned by Infrastructure New Zealand joins us for a webinar.

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C suite AF website-1 webinar
Why Vendor Management Matters Now More Than Ever

Third-party risk management on your agenda? Find out why vendor management is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

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Construction JG - web-1 webinar
How Construction can transform operations with Felix

Find out how Felix helps industry leaders source & manage vendors efficiently without the risks in this short webinar.

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digital procurement webinar
Accelerating A Business Case For Digital Transformation

Hear a procurement guru share strategies, techniques and tips to help procurement in the post-COVID world.

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Vendor risk Utilities webinar webinar
How Utilities Manage Vendor Risk With Felix

Why Felix for Utilities & Public Infrastructure? Watch the webinar to learn about the industry use cases.

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risk management board webinar
Risk Mitigation In The Wake Of COVID-19

Former Bank of Queensland Chief Risk Officer discusses the topic of Risk Management during and beyond COVID-19.

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social procurement webinar
Social Procurement: Insights For Success

Is it a fad? Is it a trend? Chances are you have heard “social procurement” thrown around a lot lately. But it is a lot more powerful than that.

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lean agile procurement webinar
Lean-Agile Procurement: Does It Really Work?

Learn the difference between traditional procurement and Lean-Agile procurement, the benefits and key steps.

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remote work slide
COVID-19: Business Continuity Planning

How technology platforms such as Felix can help your supply chain weather the storm and ensure ongoing operations.

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