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Creating Value Through Public Procurement - Lessons For The Private Sector

We are pleased to welcome Leah Singer - a thought leader and author of the report "Creating Value Through Procurement" commissioned by Infrastructure New Zealand. 

This webinar caters to contractors involved in the public sector procurement of major infrastructure projects. 

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public procurement webinar webinar
Creating Value Through Public Procurement

Leah Singer, author of the report Creating Value Through Procurement commissioned by Infrastructure New Zealand joins us for a webinar.

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C suite AF website-1 webinar
Why Vendor Management Matters Now More Than Ever

Third-party risk management on your agenda? Find out why vendor management is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

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Construction JG - web-1 webinar
How Construction can transform operations with Felix

Find out how Felix helps industry leaders source & manage vendors efficiently without the risks in this short webinar.

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digital procurement webinar
Accelerating A Business Case For Digital Transformation

Hear a procurement guru share strategies, techniques and tips to help procurement in the post-COVID world.

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Vendor risk Utilities webinar webinar
How Utilities Manage Vendor Risk With Felix

Why Felix for Utilities & Public Infrastructure? Watch the webinar to learn about the industry use cases.

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risk management board webinar
Risk Mitigation In The Wake Of COVID-19

Former Bank of Queensland Chief Risk Officer discusses the topic of Risk Management during and beyond COVID-19.

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social procurement webinar
Social Procurement: Insights For Success

Is it a fad? Is it a trend? Chances are you have heard “social procurement” thrown around a lot lately. But it is a lot more powerful than that.

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lean agile procurement webinar
Lean-Agile Procurement: Does It Really Work?

Learn the difference between traditional procurement and Lean-Agile procurement, the benefits and key steps.

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remote work slide
COVID-19: Business Continuity Planning

How technology platforms such as Felix can help your supply chain weather the storm and ensure ongoing operations.

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