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Managing mining operations is complex.

With multiple sites, numerous assets and third-party contractors to coordinate, combined with pressure from intensifying macro-economic factors, this creates unprecedented levels of pressures and administrative challenges.

Relying on spreadsheets and cumbersome manual processes simply won’t keep pace with such a changing and demanding environment without exposing you to a multitude of supply chain and governance risks.

That’s why there’s Felix.


See why leaders in mining use Felix to help manage high-risk supply chains

There's a better way to manage your supply chain


Felix is a leading vendor management and procurement platform that connects teams and processes for better outcomes.

Bring together traditionally disparate business divisions, sites and contractors in one central tool. 

  • Gain the visibility and transparency needed to manage entire supply chains while simplifying processes and driving compliance.
  • Drive consistency and standardisation to the way entire mining organisations manage vendor relationships and procurement processes.
  • Have a clear line of sight across your entire supply chain, delivering governance and helping to manage procurement supply chain risk.
  • Support both centralised and decentralised vendor management and procurement activities in a single tool

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Gain complete transparency and visibility across your entire supply chain

Delivering supply chain intelligence for responsible sourcing


Using Felix, it’s never been easier to:

  • Prequalify and effectively manage your third-party vendors and contractors to ensure you operate profitably, safely and sustainably  
  • Keep on top of sustainability and inclusion targets such as Indigenous, social and local content and Modern Slavery
  • Have transparency and visibility over expiring compliance and insurances to ensure your supply chain remains compliant
  • Schedule planned procurement activities and garner insights into future resourcing requirements
  • Improve spend under management by making preferred vendors and contractors accessible to operational stakeholders

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Manage Risk
Manage Risk

Drive procurement process governance and vendor compliance

Increase Productivity
Increase Productivity

Eliminate administrative tasks and use smart automation for quick and efficient processes

Reduce Costs
Reduce Costs

Better procurement decisions lead to improved margins

What our customers say
"I like the vendor managed model, where the vendor is responsible for maintaining the compliance documents and information. I also love the contract module, as it provides a level of contract visibility without too much input and ongoing management."
Kylie O. — Procurement Specialist, BUMA

Choose from an integrated end-to-end solution to deliver compelling organisational value, or standalone modules to meet your specific needs:

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