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Felix is a comprehensive solution used by industry-leading asset owners, builders and managers to seamlessly connect organisations and their supply chains. Felix centralises and streamlines Vendor Management and Source-to-Contract (S2C) processes to significantly increase productivity, manage risk and reduce spend.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Like many other software providers, our annual license fee is calculated based on a number of metrics including numbers of users, vendors and desired levels of support. Please get in touch to dicuss your organisation's use case.

Our data is securely hosted via Amazon Web Services in Sydney, Australia.

Vendors do not pay to be a part of an organisation's Felix network. They are offered onboarding and technical support which is covered by the organisation's licence fee.

Depending on an organisation's use case, Felix can be up and running within weeks rather than months. We are more than happy to walk you through our implementation processes and specific timeframes.

Yes Felix is available on mobile and tablet allowing you to access your vendor data whenever you need.

Felix offers online and phone-based support for all users and vendors. Our dedicated Help Centre also provides resources users can refer back to whenever they need.

What our customers say

Felix provides real-time visibility of what stage
the procurement process is at, from who is waiting on approvals to visibility of all documents and analysis.

Peter Bolanis — Head of Procurement & Contracts CPBJH Joint Venture