Take the headache out of managing tenders by centralising activities all in one platform

Challenges faced when managing tenders

  • Relying on your DMS, email or spreadsheets to issue and track tenders?

  • Performing quote analysis and evaluations in spreadsheets, missing out on important insights due to lack of centralisation?

  • Ever awarded too much work to a vendor that couldn't handle it?

  • Scrambling to pull together various tender documents saved across multiple places when it's time to be audited?

  • Spending too much time preparing and tracking approvals for Recommendation for Award?  
If you answer yes to any of these questions, or feel you are spending too much time managing tenders manually, then Felix is here to help.
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Introducing Felix Sourcing

Felix Sourcing replaces spreadsheets and email chains with smart technology to help make procurement easier. Eliminate the manual effort involved in tender administration by using Felix to efficiently compile and send tenders, conduct side-by-side financial comparisons while also bringing non-cost evaluation factors into your analysis. An automated and transparent Recommendation for Award process introduces a new level of control and governance. 

From issuing a Request for Quote, to bid evaluation and Recommendation for Award, the entire process is managed in one, centralised platform. This means project and estimating teams have access to shared insights on each vendor’s historical pricing and performance to help guide better procurement decisions. Time and audit trails are also provided for ultimate accountability.



Intelligently manage your end-to-end tendering processes