Centrally store executed agreements in Felix to easily find, track key dates and report on contracts

Challenges faced when managing contracts

  • Having trouble quickly and easily locating all contracts for a project?

  • Does each business unit, project or region store contracts in different places, making it difficult to have visibility across all contracts from an organisational perspective?

  • Does the way your organisation store and manage contracts bring risk when it comes to auditing?

  • Missed a contract renewal date or contract extension which ended up costing the business money?

  • Want to automatically set reminders based on contract key dates to ensure deadlines aren’t missed, minimising your risk?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, or are looking for a more effective way to stay on top of contracts, then Felix is here to help you.

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Introducing Felix Contracts

Gone are the days of having contracts stored in a web of emails, shared drives and desktops, making important files difficult to track and access, and important dates easily missed.  

Centrally store agreements and supporting documents within Felix, providing one source of truth for you to manage contracts – both overall, and at a vendor-specific level. 

Felix goes beyond your traditional contract repository solution, offering the ability to summarise contracts, and set key dates and reminders to ensure that costly deadlines aren’t missed. With an option to export reports for further analysis in business intelligence tools, Contracts communicates with other Felix modules for an easy, seamless experience to help manage your vendors, tenders and supporting agreements. 



Have centralised visibility on your contract obligations