Vendor Management

Reduce the administrative burden put on your project teams with smart vendor management 

Challenges faced when managing vendors

  • Find the back-and-forth process of prequalifying vendors time-consuming?

  • Are you and your supply chain partners sick of wasting time repeating the same prequalification process for every project?  

  • Are vendors providing incomplete responses to your prequalification questionnaires?

  • Fed up with chasing up your vendors insurances and licenses prior to expiration to help mitigate your supply chain risk?  

  • Ever re-engaged a vendor only to find out later they performed poorly on another project?  
If you answer yes to any of these questions, or feel you are spending too much time on low-value tasks, then Felix is here to help.
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Introducing Felix Vendor Management

 It’s time to take the administrative work out of vendor management. 

Felix Vendor Management transforms manual processes into one easy-to-use platform that becomes your source of truth for prequalification, vendor management, compliance and performance evaluation.    

Track procurement activity which then feeds back to your vendor profile, providing centralised insights across sites and projects. Compliance records are visible against each vendor, along with historical vendor performance, driving better procurement decisions.   

Vendor Management is Felix’s core module. You can use it by itself or integrate with other modules for a compelling, end-to-end solution.   



Reduce the administrative burden on your teams