Procurement Schedule

Streamline the planning, execution and reporting of procurement activities all within a single, cloud-based tool

Challenges faced when managing offline procurement schedules

  • Are you relying on teams to consistently update spreadsheet-based procurement schedules, which is manual and time-consuming?

  • Have you found that information in an offline procurement schedule is out-of-date when you need to use it?

  • Are you having difficulty sharing procurement updates across the project team and up to management?

  • Is each project team managing and tracking procurement differently?

  • Have you been waiting for fortnightly or monthly project updates instead of getting an understanding of procurement status in real-time? 

If you answer yes to any of these questions, or are looking for a smarter solution to manage your procurement activities, then Felix is here to help.


Introducing Felix Procurement Schedule

Say goodbye managing procurement schedules in lengthy, complicated spreadsheets that quickly become out-of-date. Use Felix’s cloud-based Procurement Schedule to plan, execute and track procurement packages all in one central place, and in real-time.  


Have all the functionality you would expect to see in a spreadsheet, with the additional benefits of:
Improved collaboration and efficiency
Improved collaboration and efficiency

Easily share procurement updates across teams and managers by using an online solution that’s updated in real-time. Reduce the reliance on emails, attaching spreadsheets or working with risky shared file drives.

centralised tendering 2
Centralised tendering activities

As the procurement schedule is housed in Felix, this links to other downstream procurement activities including the RFQ and Recommendation for Award process, and certain data points are automatically updated throughout.

Transparency for minimised risk

Project team members work from one schedule, with controlled permissions that allows them to view or edit the information relevant to them. Track updates to the schedule through audit trails, ensuring accountability.

Procurement Schedule for Contract Administrators:  

  • Never miss a deadline: Observe key dates to ensure projects are on-track and meeting deadlines, lowering the risk of delays or cost blowouts.  

  • Seamless tender coordination: Use one tool to drive accurate tender preparation and utilise pre-populated information already executed within the schedule. 

  • Work faster: Reduce the amount of data you need to manually input as Felix will automatically update the procurement schedule when dates, contract award value, status or contact details are updated as part of an RFQ. 

Procurement Schedule for Managers or Executives:   

  • Real-time status updates: Get timely insights on the procurement status of a project without having to rely on project teams to update first. 

  • Easily track performance of packages: Monitor how budget and planned dates are performing against actuals. Observe packages at risk so you can take corrective action early.  

  • Connected Procurement Management: Stakeholders, from operations to finance and executives, benefit from connected procurement planning and execution with all parties accessing information from Procurement Schedule. 

Centralise the management of your tendering activities