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Use our Web API to connect to other platforms in your technology stack

Seamless connectivity

To work more efficiently, interoperability between separate systems is becoming more important. As more applications are needed to carry out day-to-day work, those applications need to communicate.  

That’s where an API (Application Programming Interface) comes in. An API is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. 

Felix has an open Web API that can be used to connect to your existing ERP and other systems you use in your business operations, providing increased automation. Our API allows you to send data from Felix to third-party applications so that you can access the data you need for operational and reporting purposes.  

Creating a dynamic ecosystem

Bring information from Felix into your existing ecosystem. As Felix is your source of truth for vendor data, use our API to connect your ERP to enhance its data quality, ensuring that vendor records, such as payment information, is always up to date so that you can correctly pay vendors. 

You can also use the API to connect to familiar reporting and analytics tools that your organisation is using. Aggregate data from Felix and other software systems to create customised reports to share with management, allowing executives to use one tool to make more informed decisions.  

Our customers have used the API to connect to applications such as:  

  • Financial Management (ERPs):
    SAP, Coins, Oracle JD Edwards, Cheops, MYOB, Pronto Software, Viewpoint Jobpac Connect, Microsoft Dynamics 365 
  • Reporting & Analytics Tools:
    Power BI, Tableau 

If your organisation has an API requirement that isn’t mentioned here, talk to us at Felix to see how we can help you connect. 

Dynamic ecosystem

Enhance your operations with Felix's API capabilities

Using the API, you can share critical data from Felix’s Vendor Management and Sourcing modules with your chosen third-party applications. 

Our Vendor Management module has API endpoints that allow access to data for vendors, questionnaire responses, items, compliance documents, tags, external references and payment details. 

Our Sourcing module has API endpoints that allow access to data for projects, sourcing requests, pricing schedule, awards, and procurement schedule. 

We also have administration endpoints, allowing you to externally report on Felix users and their access, including which security groups they may be associated with.

Further to our Web API, we also have built various native integrations that you can use to extend the power of Felix. 

Enhance your operations

Want to know more?

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Reach out to our Sales Team or your Customer Success representative to discuss how you can include the Web API as an add-on feature to your Felix solution.

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