Felix + Eftsure partnership

Felix has partnered with Eftsure to help protect organisations against payment fraud 

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The new security standard for business payments

Felix has partnered with Eftsure to promote a new level of payment protection that ensures safe B2B payments and reduces supplier-related risk.  

As Australia’s market-leading payment protection software, Eftsure provides Felix with the technology to protect enterprise organisations against payment error, fraud and cybercrime.   

Identify errors, fraud and scam attempts at the time of vendor onboarding

Cybercrime is increasing at alarming rates. Banks are unable to match payee names to BSB or account numbers when processing EFT payments, with fraudsters exploiting this gap. 

Felix has partnered with Eftsure to ensure that enterprise customers don’t pay the wrong vendors, whether because of payment information submitted in human error or as a result of fraud.  

Why Felix chooses Eftsure

Felix recognises the importance for all enterprise customers to be at the frontline when it comes to detecting fraudulent financial activity.

We’ve partnered with Eftsure to: 

  • Provide additional protection: ERPs and other accounting systems cannot protect against human error, external threats, or malicious employees. 
  • Introduce system interoperability: By working together, we can create integrations between the two platforms to financially safeguard Felix’s enterprise customers. 
  • Help avoid costly mistakes: Cyber-attacks cause financial loss and reputational damage. 

We’ve partnered with Felix to promote an important message of not only protecting their customers’ payments but also their reputations.”


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Mark Chazan — CEO and Co-Founder of Eftsure

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