Felix + InEight strategic partnership

The Felix and InEight partnership creates a connected project and procurement solution that delivers more than any of the competition

Felix + InEight strategic partnership
Joining forces

InEight provides field-tested project management software that gives real-time insights for owners and contractors so they can manage risk and keep projects on schedule and under budget across the entire asset life cycle.

By joining forces with Felix, this powerhouse partnership delivers a comprehensive and connected procurement solution to contractors, which makes life easier for project teams.

If you’re an existing InEight customer, you can seamlessly integrate with Felix to gain a deeper understanding of your supply chain and leverage up-to-date vendor insights during the estimating process.

Conquering supply chain risk, together

Felix and InEight have integrated their respective platforms, allowing InEight customers to reduce risk when it comes to third-party vendor and subcontractor compliance, including topics like HSEQ, financial/commercial and ESG.

The Felix platform will help contractors on a global scale implement effective vendor management and procurement to address risks in the supply chain.

The partnership brings three points of seamless integration between Felix and InEight

  • Vendor data
  • Documents
  • Procurement outcomes

Vendor data

Estimate connection

Vendor and subcontractor data in Felix is passed through to the InEight Estimate module, giving pre-contracts personnel reliable vendor records to leverage during the pre-contracts phase. Data points include vendor name, trade categories, tags and previous performance.


Document synchronisation

Linking your documents in InEight to Felix ensures that the thousands of documents transmitted throughout the procurement phase remain synchronised and controlled.

Procurement outcomes

Felix procurement data to InEight

Key data from the Felix procurement process is pushed through to the Contract execution and administration process in InEight to save the manual population of data. The status of a vendor will also be consumed to ensure that third parties working on projects remain compliant.

The power of Felix and InEight

  • Gain enhanced data access and connection across the project life cycle
  • Leverage up-to-date vendor insights across the estimating process
  • Make better procurement decisions with shared knowledge at your fingertips
  • Consolidate insights across divisions to form one central view of your supplier relationships
  • Eliminate your reliance on ERPs capabilities with seamless information flow between the two platforms

“InEight is excited to partner with Felix to extend our value chain across an even more networked ecosystem of project stakeholders. Together, we’re looking forward to helping customers get a deeper understanding of their supply chain by leveraging up-to-date vendor insights during the estimating process, all while streamlining processes, maximising efficiencies and managing risk across the life cycle of an asset.”


Jake Macholtz
Jake Macholtz — CEO, InEight

Gain a deeper understanding of your supply chain across the entire project life cycle with Felix and InEight.