Accelerating a business case for digital transformation

The last time we had Ross Darrah of Pareto Toolbox in a Felix webinar, he delivered an insightful presentation on Lean-Agile Procurement. This time round, he’s back to share strategies, techniques and tips to help procurement in the post-COVID world.

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In this session hosted by Felix Enterprise Sales Manager Andrew Shaw, we'll talk about:

  • What the new world looks like
  • Implications for procurement and supply chain
  • Key pointers around where to start
  • Elevating procurement’s role and value
  • The art and science of a business case
lean agile procurement
About the speaker

Ross Darrah

  • 20+ years experience in procurement consulting
  • Pioneered development of procurement in NZ
  • Experience in: agriculture, infrastructure, education, finance, utilities, NFP, local and central government, retail and manufacturing
  • GM Procurement (national) at HealthAlliance
  • Established Management Toolbox in 1999  (sold to Grant Thornton)
  • Founded Pareto Toolbox in March 2017

With over two decades of industry experience working in a number of industry sectors, Ross has made a lasting imprint in the field of Supply Chain and Procurement within New Zealand. His exposure to various industry practices has greatly attributed to his in-depth knowledge and dynamic skill set in the art of opportunity identification, simplification, standardisation, efficiency and cost savings in both supply chain and procurement.

Ross is the driver of Pareto Toolbox’s rapid delivery of service, and he is a big proponent of collaborative planning, efficient implementation and a thorough review process. His deep knowledge of industry, leadership, programme management and a track record of proven results bond the rest of the Pareto Toolbox team together.

ross darrah

Building a business case for digital procurement?

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