Billions at risk: Sleeping security threats lurking in your supply chain

Australia’s mining, construction and utilities industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, representing two-thirds of all export revenue for the nation1. But according to the Associate of Certified Fraud Examiners, five percent of all those dollars may be transferred into the account of a fraudster2.  

Is your supply chain safeguarded? 

Procurement and supply chain teams need to be on the frontline of defence. In this webinar, Gavin Levinsohn from Eftsure, Australia’s leading fraud prevention software, shares awakening insights into how criminals could use your supplier's vulnerabilities, data breaches in Australia, the rise of AI cyber-fraud, and how to make sure your organisation is protected. 

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Recorded in June 2024


In this webinar, Felix Chief Revenue Officer, Dan Wilson is joined by special guest speaker Gavin Levinsohn, who covers the main drivers of the cyberfraud scams and the methods scammers use to exploit vulnerabilities in your supplier management controls. Gavin also discusses how AI and deepfake technology is starting to be utilised at scale by cyber-criminals to exploit even the most well protected businesses. 

We cover: 

  • The industrial power of scammers 
  • The impact of data breaches 
  • Limitations of manual controls
  • The growing use of AI in supply chain fraud 
  • The importance of securely onboarding vendors


1 Australian Bureau of Statistics (2023). Media Release: Mining turnover continues to fall. Available at: www.abs.gov.au 

2 The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (2022). 2022 Report to the Nations. Available at: www.acfe.com   

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About the speaker

Gavin Levinsohn

Chief Growth Officer, Eftsure

As an executive that dealt first-hand with the impact of cyber-fraud attacks across two continents, Gavin joined Eftsure with a mission to ensure other organisations were equipped to mitigate the risks of cyber-fraud. Joining as employee number 8 and a ‘plus 1’ to the founders, over the past 6 years he has helped deliver the benefits of improved financial controls to over 2000 businesses in every sector of the economy, notably the construction industry. 

He frequently shares these insights at financial conferences across the country, and is keen to support Felix customers with his knowledge and expertise. 

Gavin - eftsure

Stop fraud before it stops your project

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