Introducing Procurement Schedule

In this 45-minute session, find out all about our new module Procurement Schedule.

Streamline planning, execution, reporting and auditing of sourcing activities in a single tool.

This webinar caters to industries that rely on third-party vendors (e.g. construction, mining, utilities, facilities management):
- Business decision makers
- Anyone involved in the process of planning, scheduling, tracking, and auditing sourcing activities

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The expectations for a procurement schedule have changed. It needs to be smart, connected and integrated to ensure successful project or program delivery. 

This webinar will cover:
  • Industry landscape and the identification of the problem 
  • Introducing Procurement Schedule
  • Features & benefits 
  • See it in action
  • Q&A 


procsched features

About the speakers


Steve joined the Group in 2015 as Head of Product and was appointed Chief Technology Officer in 2020.

Steve has 15 years’ experience working with enterprise software systems in the mining, construction and services sectors.

Steve commenced his career working in the configuration and implementation of third- party ERP software platforms, before moving into roles overseeing the development and commercialisation of software.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Queensland.

VIEW LINKEDIN Mariia Starikova Head of Product

Mariia joined the Felix team in 2017 and assumed the role of Head of Product in 2020.

With over 10 years of domestic and international experience in technology and business, Mariia brings passion to solving complex challenges through thoughtful product management and human-centred design practices.

Mariia holds an MBA from the University of Roehampton (UK) along with a degree in Linguistics, and is fluent in English, Russian and German.

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