Lean-Agile Procurement: Does It Really Work?

Coming off the back of his insightful presentation at the PASA CPO Exchange in August, Ross Darrah of Pareto Toolbox in New Zealand joins Felix for a short Q&A session on the topic of Lean-Agile Procurement.


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Recorded in 2020


Hosted by Felix Enterprise Sales Manager Andrew Shaw with Ross Darrah as a guest speaker, this webinar will cover: 

  • The difference between traditional procurement and Lean-Agile procurement. 
  • The key benefits of using Lean-Agile procurement. 
  • In what situations it is appropriate to use Lean-Agile methodology, and when it is best to stick to traditional methods.
  • The key steps involved in the Lean-Agile process.
  • How to successfully use Lean-Agile within your procurement function.

Ross will also share with us the results he's recently experienced when implementing Lean-Agile at Auckland City Council.

ross-pareto toolbox
About the speaker

Ross Darrah

Ross Darrah is a familiar face to many in procurement circles internationally. He is currently the CEO and Founder of Pareto Toolbox - a procurement consulting firm that provides pragmatic solutions to solve business problems based on the 80:20 rule.

In his previous role as General Manager for Procurement within healthAlliance, a shared services organisation to the health sector, he was responsible for leading his team to deliver procurement nationally — a first within New Zealand.

He brings a wealth of experience, having founded and led Management Toolbox, an innovative company of organisational engineers who help businesses sharpen their strategy for growth and efficiency.  The company later formed Grant Thornton New Zealand’s new Business Transformation service.

ross darrah

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