Lean Construction - Why now is the time

In the current climate of project cost and time overruns, business insolvencies and stagnant productivity, how do we make construction better?

In this 45-minute session, find out what Lean Construction is, its benefits and why it’s becoming more relevant in the coming years.

Recording available
Recorded in 2022


Hosted by Felix Chief Revenue Officer Dan Wilson with Michael Ward as a guest speaker, this webinar will cover: 

  • Core principles of Lean Construction
  • The global and local movement
  • Zooming in on supply chain and procurement
  • Key enablers/tools
  • Case studies
  • Q & A

This webinar caters to the Building, Construction and Engineering industries: 
- Business decision makers 
- Anyone involved in procurement/supply chain, operations, project management

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About the speaker

Michael Ward

Michael co-founded the Lean Construction Institute Australia, now Lean Construction Australia and New Zealand, in 2009. He is a Principal of Alchimie Pty Ltd, providing coaching and advisory services for teams and individuals primarily in the infrastructure sector.

Michael’s background includes engineering, project management, consulting, and coaching. He is a chartered civil engineer, MBA and an accredited ontological coach.

Lean Construction Principles arose from adapting the practices developed by Toyota that transformed the manufacturing sector into the construction environment. Applying these principles has delivered significant enhancement in project performance.

The USA, South American, and European construction sectors have adopted Lean Construction Principles, increasing participation and productivity improvement. 

Michael Ward

Curious about lean construction?

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