Procurement software buyer's guide: 2023 Edition

The business environment is getting more complex due to Australia’s historic infrastructure boom facing global shortages and delays. Once again, procurement and supply chain are in the spotlight.
Against this backdrop, we have written the buyer’s guide covering the key considerations before "procuring" procurement software.

This guide caters to industries that rely on third-party vendors (e.g. construction, mining, utilities, facilities management)
- Business decision makers
- Anyone involved in the process of purchasing procurement software


Choosing the right procurement software is a crucial step in ensuring third-party risk management, process governance and sourcing efficiency. With so many procurement solutions to choose from, it can be overwhelming without a frame of reference or some solid starting points.

This guide will cover:
  • The next generation of procurement software
  • Key benefits of enterprise procurement software
  • Key considerations 
  • Build, buy, or do nothing?
  • S2C vs S2P vs P2P


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Identify where to start digitising your procurement operations.

Why download the guide?

We are seeing a major confluence of significant issues in construction today due to Australia’s historic infrastructure boom and more recently, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The consequent skill shortages, greater reliance on outsourcing and sharply increasing cost pressures are just some of the challenges dialling up the overall risk of adverse outcomes for projects. Leaders need to ensure they have adequate systems to drive transparency, accountability and sustainability throughout their supply chains

Procurement has always played a critical role; from vendor selection and relationship building, to strategic sourcing and contract management. It is a multifaceted discipline in which the responsibilities and complexities can quickly scale.

But not all procurement software solutions are equal and selecting the right provider for your organisation isn’t a task to be taken lightly. With such high stakes, sourcing the right technology to optimise and streamline your procurement function has never been more important.

In order to help, we’ve created this buyer’s guide covering important considerations when making one of the most impactful software purchasing decisions in 2023.


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Tackle uncertainty with visibility and reliability by choosing the right procurement software.

“While many organisations recognise the value of going digital, over half (56%) of the research participants believed their organisations were not investing enough in digital tools.”
— Building in The Dark report, 2022

Elevate the business case for procurement software

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