Social Procurement: Insights for Success

Is it a fad? Is it a trend? Chances are you have heard “social procurement” thrown around a lot lately. But it is a lot more powerful than that.  

In this on-demand webinar, Mark Daniels – a social enterprise evangelist and Executive Director of Social Traders – outlines the significance and components of social procurement. He will also share actionable tips to help organisations get started.  

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Recorded in 2020


Hosted by Felix Co-Founder/Co-CEO Michael Trusler with Mark Daniels as a guest speaker, this webinar will cover: 

  • Brief overview of social procurement  
  • Common challenges of introducing social procurement to your organisation  
  • Trends in social procurement in government & private sector  
  • What are the risks of ignoring these trends?   
  • How to get started in social procurement (from the buyer’s perspective)?    
  • What is the role of technology? 
  • Success stories from tier-1 construction companies 
About the speaker

Mark Daniels

Mark Daniels is the Executive Director of Buyer Services at Social Traders.  He has worked in the field since 2001 and over that time he has procured from social enterprise, run social enterprises, lobbied for social enterprise and helped found Social Traders – Australia’s leading social enterprise development organisation. 
Mark’s work now centres on enabling government and business buyers to build social enterprises into their supply chains. Social Traders marketplace has enabled 70 business and government buyer members to work with over 330 certified social enterprises, in FY18 & 19 the Social Traders marketplace enabled over 700 disadvantaged job-seekers to find jobs in social enterprises and many more social impacts. 

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Getting started in social procurement?

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