Countdown to climate reporting: Are you ready for launch?

A recent RSM report, From sustainability marketing to sustainability accounting, sheds light on the readiness of Aussie companies for mandatory climate reporting. The future is looming, and it's time to get prepped.
Join the webinar to gain exclusive access to industry-specific data and invaluable insights from the report's lead researcher.

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Recorded Feb 2024


Hosted by Felix Chief Revenue Officer Dan Wilson with Sarah Melville-Maguire as a guest speaker, this power session will equip you with actionable insights into: 

  • Industry-specific data: Understand how your sector measures up and where the gaps lie.
  • Deep dive into reporting requirements: Get clear on what you need to report, when, and how.
  • Mastering key areas: Dive into materiality, governance, strategy, risks & opportunities, metrics & targets, and recommendations.

There'll be a live Q&A where you can get your specific questions answered by the expert.

This webinar caters to the Construction, Mining, Utilities and Real Estate industries.

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About the speaker

Sarah Melville-Maguire

Sarah is a seasoned sustainability professional with a wealth of experience guiding clients through the intricacies of ESG and climate reporting. With proven expertise both locally in WA and on the international stage, she excels in providing strategic guidance to organisations across borders.

Armed with degrees in both Environmental Science and Finance, Sarah's diverse background and knowledge base equips her to offer pragmatic advice that enables sound business decision making. Sarah is a thought leader in the field, and has showcased her insights at conferences and forums, highlighting the critical importance of preparedness in responding to a changing business landscape.

As Lead Researcher for RSM’s recent report From sustainability marketing to sustainability accounting, Sarah led the team in evaluating the reporting practices of more than 1500 companies against the four pillars of Australia’s incoming climate reporting standards in one of the largest pieces of research of its kind.


Not sure what you need to do about climate reporting?

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