Creating Value Through Public Procurement - Lessons For The Private Sector

We are pleased to welcome Leah Singer - a thought leader and author of the report "Creating Value Through Procurement" commissioned by Infrastructure New Zealand. 

This webinar caters to contractors involved in the public procurement of major infrastructure projects. If you work in the public sector though, feel free to watch as some of the challenges are shared between both sectors. 

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Nobody wins from poor procurement.

The entwine report articulates the challenges that form the "negative procurement journey" as well as the "positive procurement" framework.

It's on the learnings from this research that the author Leah will present in this free webinar hosted by Felix CEO Mike Davis. Join us to learn:

  • Relatable challenges associated with public sector procurement
  • The added Australian context
  • Proposed solutions
  • Learnings that can be employed by the private sector as both vendor and vendee
  • Q&A from the audience
About the speaker

Leah Singer

Leah Singer is an independent consultant operating in the construction industry under the brand entwine. An innovative and solutions-focused professional, Leah has direct experience in both the delivery of complex projects and the design of strategic and operational improvement within the sector supply chain. 
Leah is a thought leader within the capital infrastructure area and was responsible for pioneering change within public sector procurement through her report Creating Value through Procurement, which examined issues associated with public sector procurement within New Zealand. Better known as the entwine report, this has influenced industry change and policy development at a government level.
Leah singer

Working with the public sector?

Watch the webinar to learn more about how to create value through procurement.

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