Introductory information: Felix Vendor Optiqual®

Prequalifying your vendors, suppliers or subcontractors is often a manual and labour intensive process. Moreover, differences in questionnaires between departments or projects can result in risks and inefficiency for everyone.

There's a better way to ensure the third-party vendors you engage with are prequalified to proven standards: Introducing Vendor Optiqual®.

Standardise vendor prequalification

Felix Vendor Optiqual® is a prequalification framework designed specifically for asset owners, constructors and managers to optimise their understanding, trust and visibility of their high-risk supply chains. 

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  • The prequalification problem
  • How Vendor Optiqual® solves it
  • What the Vendor Optiqual® toolkit entails
  • How to get started 
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Vendor due diligence done right

How software can standardise vendor onboarding process for improved efficiency and visibility

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