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Faced with a decision between adding more staff and implementing a vendor management system, Primero went with Felix as they felt it would benefit them in the long run.

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Primero Group, an engineering and construction company based in Western Australia, specialises in rare earth, iron ore, and lithium construction projects. As the company grew rapidly, so did the challenges of managing a vast network of vendors. Manual processes using spreadsheets and outdated data made it difficult to ensure vendor compliance and streamline procurement workflows.

The Challenge: Streamlining Vendor Management and Ensuring Compliance

  • Manual processes using spreadsheets made vendor management cumbersome and time-consuming.
  • Outdated vendor data posed a risk of non-compliance with ISO accreditation requirements.
  • Difficulty in ensuring project engineers utilised approved vendors.
"It was just extremely cumbersome to manage our vendors without the use of a software system like Felix. I would need an extra couple of staff just to manually update these spreadsheets and evaluations."
Implementing Felix Vendor Management Software

The need for a comprehensive vendor management solution became apparent during internal and external audits, where observations highlighted the limitations of manual processes.

Primero identified Felix as a vendor management solution through recommendations from industry colleagues.

The implementation process was smooth and efficient, taking only 8 weeks to complete. Integration with Primero's existing ERP system eliminated duplicate data entry and human error.



Efficiency, Compliance, and Growth

Since implementing Felix, Primero's Procurement Manager Glen Ercegovich has noticed significant improvements in vendor management and risk mitigation.

  • Reduced vendor list from over 3,000 to a manageable 362 approved vendors.
  • Streamlined vendor onboarding and evaluation processes.
  • Improved risk mitigation through ensuring vendor compliance with regulations and insurance requirements.
  • Enhanced collaboration between procurement, project teams, and engineers.
  • Reduced time spent on manual tasks, allowing procurement staff to focus on strategic initiatives.
"Having Felix in place just eliminates all risk and it's definitely a big, big tick when it comes to our risk mitigation."


A Partnership for Continued Success

Primero Group anticipates continued growth and is confident that Felix will be a key partner in their success.

They plan to leverage additional modules offered by Felix, such as Sourcing and Contracts for operations and maintenance projects. The Montreal office of Primero Group has also adopted Felix for vendor management. Thus, Glen envisions broader adoption of Felix across the NRW Group of Companies, benefiting from integration and standardised procurement processes. 


“I can only see great things in the future between Primero and Felix.”
A Strong Recommendation from a Satisfied Customer

Glen, Procurement Manager at Primero Group, is a strong advocate for Felix. He highlights the positive impact on his daily workload, improved vendor management practices, and the excellent after-sales support provided by the Felix team. 

“Anyone out there looking for a vendor management system that will help them save time and money, I’d definitely recommend Felix for their company.”

In a fireside chat, Glen Ercegovich talks about Primero's journey with Felix so far.


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