Webinar Q&A recap: Product Showcase August 2023

Kristy Dale   |   August 29, 2023

Our second Product Showcase was another great success, with a highly engaged audience tuning in to learn more about recent product releases and what’s next for Felix on the roadmap. 

In case you missed it, the product showcase webinar covered: 

  • How we’ve integrated Vendor Management with the Australian Business Register to improve vendor data accuracy 
  • Updates made in Sourcing to help provide you with more context when comparing RFQ evaluations 
  • A first-look at our customer-facing product roadmap 
  • And what’s next for Felix – including an integration with Eftsure, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for vendors and AI-powered compliance document recognition

If you want more insight, you can watch the full webinar, or read the main takeaways in our Product Showcase August 2023 webinar recap. 

Let’s recap some of the questions that were asked from our audience. 


Questions about the Australian Business Register integration 

Q: If vendors are told they have an expired or invalid ABN, can they update these details in Felix? ​

A: If a vendor’s ABN is expired or invalid and needs to be updated, they need to reach out to the Felix Support Team at help@felix.net for assistance.​

You can learn more about Vendor ABN verification at Onboarding in our Help Centre. 


Q: What action does Felix take for those vendors without a valid ABN?

A: New vendor accounts are required to have a valid ABN to proceed past the Vendor Details step of their onboarding.  

For those existing vendors that have previously entered an invalid or cancelled ABN, Felix has notified these vendors to update the ABN on their vendor profile. Vendors with an invalid ABN are flagged with a red badge in your Vendor List. From here you can choose to Suspend the vendor, using the Suspend function, to change their status in Felix. 


Questions about enhancements to the Evaluations feature

Q: Are there restrictions to who can evaluate a tender?​

A: Customers can control who can evaluate a tender.  In-app controls such as security groups and project access settings determine who can assign, complete and view evaluations​. 


Questions about Eftsure integration (roadmap item) 

Q: Will we need to be an existing Eftsure customer to use that integration​

A: Our current thinking is that the integration will initially only support existing Eftsure customers under a Bring Your Own Account model.​


Questions about AI-powered compliance document recognition (roadmap item) 

Q: I love that Felix is exploring AI to read information from compliance documents, what happens if it doesn't read the information correctly?​

A: Yes the information automatically prepopulates in Felix but this information isn’t locked down, it’s pulled through to the current editable fields that exist in Felix so information can be updated at the time of onboarding, if need be. There’s nothing different within Felix from an enterprise organisations point of view. ​


Q: Will you be introducing AI technology to more than just compliance docs? ​

A: At the moment we are experimenting the possibilities using AI technology and initially we are looking at insurances as part of the compliance documents upload. And within that, we are only exploring certain document types based on what’s the highest volume. There may be opportunities down the line to explore opportunities of using this elsewhere in Felix, however this is not something on our product roadmap for now.


Q: Can AI verify with the issuing body to make sure if the document is legitimate?

A: The AI we are experimenting with for Felix is focused on extracting the details of the document itself, it’s not going off to a third-party to then validate if the information is correct, or whether provider exists or not. What we are doing is streamlining the manual input process that vendors are currently doing which is subject to human error.  


If you have any other questions about what we covered in our Product Showcase webinar, or about Felix in general, we would love to hear them. Reach out to us and we will get the right person to respond to you. 

Kristy Dale
As our Product Marketing Manager at Felix, Kristy enjoys connecting with customers to understand their needs and expectations, driving innovative solutions to help the construction industry build a better way.
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