Prequalification that saves time and reduces risk

It has become a standard practice to prequalify vendors prior to awarding or inviting them to tender. Yet the non-standard prequalification approach can defeat the core purpose of it all. 

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People have told us
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“Our clients used to have a very manual prequalification process”
Josh Guthrey Construction expert | Felix
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“Vendors find it hard to navigate the onboarding process”
Jakob Eisele Resources expert | Felix
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“Hours to configure questionnaire which increases costs”
Brendan Batch Infrastructure expert | Felix

Unproductive, repetitive, inefficient

Vendors are subject to frequent prequalification processes involving various questionnaire forms, which leads to tied up resources and unnecessary frustration. On the other hand, organisations are also wasting valuable time having to evaluate information in many different formats.

  • Continual drain on resources
  • Confusion and bureaucracy
  • High barriers for smaller vendors
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Ineffective risk management

Not knowing if vendor questionnaires are comprehensive enough to cover key risk items is one thing; not being able to streamline the assessment and approval process is another.

  • Inconsistency between various questionnaires
  • Siloed vendor risk management
  • Process bottlenecks or task duplication
ineffective risk management

Do you know your vendors?

90 %
rated visibility into extended vendor network < moderate (Deloitte 2020)
36 %
of construction workers were non-employees (ABS 2020)
~20 %
of companies entering external administration were construction (ASIC 2019)

A standard prequalification framework

  • Vendor Optiqual®
  • Know your vendors
  • Smart workflows
  • Vendor benefits

Vendor Optiqual®

Industry proven standards

Tailor a vendor prequalification questionnaire for your organisation based on internationally recognised standards PAS 91 and PAS 7000. This lays a common foundation to maximise synergy and network effect.


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Know your vendors

De-risking your supply network

Capture the right level of business critical information across key areas, with core questions and optional/extended questions.
Example topics are shown here.


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Smart workflows

Process governance made easy

Streamline the information collection as well as assessment process, with automated adherence to business rules.


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vendor management self service

Vendor benefits

Reduce admin burden

Develop a standard response to the “core” questions which can be used time and time again.

A less time-consuming and costly process also encourages more vendors to apply for work and focus on delivering value to clients.


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Minimise your risk, maximise your relationships

Agile, flexible, trusted. Learn how Felix can bring smarter procurement processes to your business with a purpose-built solution.

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